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Piotr Ambroziak (born 1971) studied at the Department of Graphics and Painting within the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź. In 1996 he defended his diploma with honours at the Studio of Wood Engraving run by Professor Andrzej Bartczak (plus an annex of additional studies in photography supervised by Prof. Ireneusz Pierzgalski). He was also a student of Prof. Juliusz Narzyński in the Studio of Painting. Mostly he creates paintings and objects, but he also devises artworks in other art disciplines, often blurring the borders between them. He is a participant of many artistic associations (Kultura Aktywna, Młodzi Sztuką, Otwarta Wystawa). In 1995 he received a bursary from the Polish Ministry of Culture and Art.

The expressive paintings which he creates belong to figurative trend. The figure presented is the conveyer of meanings and gives the painting its context. It is often simplified, deformed or treated as an ambiguous sketch. Ambroziak refers most often to archetypical images: of good and evil, a woman and man, a devil, angel, a saint. He reaches various mythologies and beliefs, recalling not only the images of goddesses, gods and demons, but also biblical figures, including Christ. The reference to mythological and religious sources are taken out of their traditional ‘cult’ context by the artist and often in a very bold way placed in the contemporary reality. Through such a measure the figures and scenes take up a new meaning and the artist stretches a platform between tradition and contemporary times, in which rooted cultural patters are often questioned.

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