Teksty / Texts

Karolina Jablonska - catalog artists Lodz

An integral part of some paintings are manually made texts, which allows us to read new contexts out of the traditional images. The connection of an image and a text reveals a more specific content and also finds connections with the contemporary world. Thanks to the text which on the one hand explains the content of the paintings and on the other is often a witty comment by the artist upon reality observed, Ambroziak’s works are an answer to a surrounding reality, which the artist strips out of metaphor and illusion. Ambroziak’s paintings are universal, but the artist refers to his own experiences to situations he presents. He is a careful and courageous observer and in his statements one can see a sensitivity towards important, although sometimes uncomfortable topics.

Quite important in Ambroziak’s art is his casual juggling with the patterns rooted in culture, reaching the sub-consciousness, imagination, dreams. The world presented by the artist is grounded somewhere on the border of reality and fantasy, reality and dream, experiences and desires, sacrum and profanum, universal and individual message.

Ambroziak also creates objects. Some of them resemble totems, others – much smaller – evoke associations with magic items associated Earth worshipping. Petty forms made of semi-transparent materials are often back-lit and the light whose source is not visible for the viewer is situated underneath. In this way the artist achieves an effect of the emanation of light, referring to the role which it fulfilled in the middle ages especially in religion but also in art. Through reference to the cultural and religious meaning of light, Ambroziak gives an illusion to art which fulfils a role in religious cult or magic. The energy which one feels when looking at his artworks does not allow the viewer to forget that we are dealing with art and not with the objects of cult – in spite of their great force. Therefore the entire power of artworks, if we assume that they have it, comes from the artist.

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