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Karolina Jablonska - catalog artists Lodz

The artworks created by Ambroziak allow the visualisation of primary forces. They become a kind of a frame, marking the borders in which they can be expressed. Piotr Ambroziak very scrupulously and successfully fills the opportunities which art gives him.

Sharp forms, bold contrasts of colours, a decided gesture and the deformation with which the artist operates in painting, are excellent measures to present the energy of life. Similarly as with the small objects of organic shapes and natural, neutral colours, which direct the attention of the viewer to the hidden powers of nature. In both cases Ambroziak is able to express the energy, but, what’s important and valuable, he avoids allegory and personification. In his works he often contrasts opposite powers: the active and passive elements, masculine with feminine, hot with cold, pagan with Christian, primary with contemporary, but contrasting the values in his works looses the element of opposition and becomes complementary.

In Ambroziak’s art there appear references to various cultures, religions, and historical figures, but always the images are filtered through contemporary times and provided with a current comment. In his “search for the sources of power” the artist does not hesitate to reach for the sub-consciousness and even to reveal its dark side. This way the artist uses his own metaphors, with which he describes the contemporary world.

Karolina Jabłońska
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