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Jolanta Ciesielska about the artist: .............

Piotr Ambroziak briefly said is very good painter,shaman,and participant of artistic societies: Active Culture and Open Exhibition One of more important and in my opinion not sufficiently appreciated representatives of expression in Polish art of 90ties.Strolling among culture nooks from Celts and Hawaiian Voodoo, Indian Kamasutra, biblical reports of Catholics and Jews there is no particular goal or plan established for him.Artist living on quiet outskirts of city of Lodz persistently is looking for power resources ,something able to pull him out from too calm urban existence deprived of exciting adventures to reach relevant spiritual independence what can help to cope with universal problems of recognition between right and wrong.He will pay every price including religious ostracism in order to get to know all dark mysteries of magic ,and conjurations on own fate and ability to recognize all personal incarnations and secrets of not only own soul.

As an artist living in Lodz he is quite isolated as far as expression patterns and spiritual adventures are concerned.Lodz was not a place where Professors of German expression were creating or University students of Jung and Lacan were not giving lectures not mentioning even Baudrillard or Derrid.His idol remains deceased for 20years trans-avant garde New York artist Jacques Basquiat almost his age-mate, who is legend street art culture of New York,synonym of totally fate surrender, and human being liberated from existential bonds, brilliant artist,who out of night glooms and narcotic brainwaves of the day created amazing epic poem of the city where it blends with irrational beliefs and where LSD was taken for oriented brainwave and being yourself afterwards.

Jolanta Ciesielska-notable art critic,specializing in Polish contemporary art,curator of many projects and exbititions presenting contemporary art home and abroad.Multiple chairwoman of Jury,reviews,contests of paiting and the most important Painting Biennale,Bielska Autumn,Curator of II International Art Biennale,ŁódźArt Center 2006.Author of many censorious texts,publications and school textbooks.
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