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Peter Ambroziak perseveration or fight with a shadow

On one painting Ambroziak has paited magical figure of Nikifor ,Matejko from Krynica’ as it written onthe painting is the author’s true idol. Also anegdote is referring to this painting as the painter has bought own Nikifor at allegro auctions site,which as few thousand other copies available on the market and hanging in our houses turned to be forgery. His father kept on saying: if you don’t learn you will become Nikifor”.this doubtful thread seems to be his pursuit these days. Amroziak hates academic correctness,fashionable poses and features also not being envy about other realizations of arts projects,where cuteness and goal pursuit are more important than sensual values. His desire is to stay(if possible nowadays)as straightforward,sensitive painter with vivisection inclinations,whose painful and rather rare encounters with own emotions on the canvas constitute unassignable part of his metaphysical existence and whose paintings bear witness about excavated emotions,indecisions,question marks,possibilities to define good and evil of internal,individual one as well as of such beyond own case.
Criterion for artist’s sensitivity combined with courage to formulate questions about normativity and rules of this world are paintings such as ‘Paranoic Schizophrenia’,,”Artists like Prostitutes,’Dog on’. Monsters,physical anomalies,strange animallike creatures frequently settled on his paintings testify about inclinations to build symbolic metaphor in place of psychoanalitic portrait and also to intensify searches for emotional outlet with help of imagination filter. Psychologically interesting painting held in similar convention seems to be painting painted at the moment of surrender of freedom ideas entitled “Physica curiosa”. Illegible,blurred woman figure and a white horse most probably incarnating artist himself dripping with bloodlike scarlet of the background. The title is referred to richly illustrated medical magazine first published in Europe and issued from 1651 by physician and naturalist Philip Jacob Sachs from Wrocław. It can be evidence that author passionately reads original blogs,where soulmates and similar sensitivities can be traced. ‘World tied up with cord of absurd’daily toil of fighting with dark side of own soul,world full of demonic perversions and slightly mythical devils and demons are subjects of another compositions of this painter.
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