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Peter Ambroziak perseveration or fight with a shadow

Piotr Ambroziak’s painting express constant fight between loftier and low,mundane things,between animal nature of human being,and need of soul contact with upper form of being,angels and nether worlds,heavenly Father colloquially known as Dad. Paintings such as ‘Angel Guardian’, ‘telephone to Dad’ or ,I Will not call you, contain diversified emotions from doubt,anger,revolt to sentimental need to be back to painting remembered from childhood,where sense of being safe came from simple icons hanged above bed.

Affirmation of weakness represents negation towards cultural patterns of worrior and martyr. Worrior focused on fighting and conquering all difficulties is afraid of own weaknesses and disdains all the weak. Martyr type while accepting weakness of others,keeps it away from him and taking care about others must prove strength,stamina against stress and self-abnegation-writes Jerzy Prokopiuk in Soul Labirynth. It is hard to ascertain which prefiguration is closer to the artist,especially when looking to non-orthodoxically interpreted motif popular in the Middle Ages of St.George’s fight towards an evil. On this painting St.George(who however after ages has been declared by Vatican not to exist)is naked and the only weapon is swollen masculinity what is shocking to dragon standing in front of him. This painting contains double auto-irony dose and natural sense of humour.

As a person our painter is wearing a mask or an armour of the worrior being founder sametime of worriors’squad for dozen years now and is cultivating fighting tradition of knighthood of matured Middle Ages. Fitted head to foot in shining metal,equipped with sword or axe conceals laboriously from external world an opponent ferociously fought and most difficult to conquer –An Artist Himself.
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