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Sławomir Kubala about friend

About artist: When I look at Piotr Ambroziak’s paintings persistently one question appears:What’s Piotr tries to abandon?what to forget?As if his art undergoes evolution from cognition to sensation.. Piotr is not eager to know something by own art,the only goal for him is to experience,abandon and simplify crucial meanings by placing short caption on the paintings. These paintings remind us popular and clear symbols for everyone but are served in far different way from generally accepted grammar According to form these are concise and similar to poetic epigrams. Artist explains how memorised paintings are shaping us,how rarely we overstep events which shaped us,myths and limitations created by our parents. Nothing can change his desire for shaman loneliness to experience the world.

Ambroziak’s paintings say that it’s a long time since we dropped idea to form long-term values and exchanged them for short-term tinsel,fireworks with massively shortened expiry date by Creator. In my opinion it is immeasurably hard to paint nowadays. We live in world full of crush and availability of exchange of art imaging means which should foster its enrichment but paradoxically due to easiness of expression is causing impoverishment.

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