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Sławomir Kubala about firiend

Ambroziak stands against impoverishment and simultaneously because of own painting lets for being robbed. I think within art we should all look inside and see the world acutely and not to rearrange scanty meanings in body of immensely worn artistic tags. Furtunately such attitude is unfamiliar to Ambroziak. Creator acutely is looking inside and with help of painting is doing surgery carefully examining own guts to search his own soul,what he frequently rejects to admit,cleverly confusing pursuit of deeper searches and placing on paintings simple,knowingly balanced texts. Maybe this is right.Consumers must be sifted. It is easy to get trapped with Ambroziak’s paintings while reading the meanings by bringing them down to so eagerly added mental shortcuts and ignore meanings and tensions appeared outside the text,which took place throughout matter of the painting. Lets do not read as not to pass by feelings,storm of emotions,which gives birth to such paintings,on the other hand artist aptly rubs them away by all these endeavours putting codewords,sentences,references to other painters in history.

This is like self-yielding emotional intelligence of own painting debating with painter. Here I can quote:”As a small child I had to interrupt my education and go to school”(Bernard Shaw) Art by Amroziak is experience of a child,who has never wanted to become a painter with academic diploma,but in the end fate brought him this.

Sławomir Kubala
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